Multiple mate references solidworks software

In the following images, adding mate references is shown. Recently a customer asked if they could create multiple mate references on a part, so that it would position itself as desired when dropped into an assembly. Multiple reference entities can now be chosen to create multiple mates, so you can designate. So i named the mate reference for the housings have a mate reference name housing.

When you drag a component with a mate reference into an assembly, the solidworks software tries to find other. When working within an assembly with multiple components that have the same. We provide consulting, software, hardware and training in all areas. Mate references specify one or more entities of a component to use for automatic mating. For the knob, a round face is selected as the primary reference with concentric as the mate type. Using solidworks mate references you can drag and drop each component into your assembly, place it close to the right location, and then.

In this sample case, we have a crank handle and needs to mate a knob and a crank shaft to it. Multiple mated entities, each mate reference can contain up to three mated. Solidworks term licensing tools for educators cam software design. Solidworks mate references save time when building an assembly. Mate references if we want to apply multiple automatic mates depending on. Here are the steps to creating and utilizing this type of mate reference. Through the use of solidworks mate reference feature, we can. Solidworks mate references save time when building an. If the name is the same, but the type does not match, the software does not add the mate. I want to be able to place pins into the electrical connectors. If the mate reference isnt named, and the default name is retained, the mate reference can still be used to when adding the part to an assembly.

Typically, using the default name will restrict the number of mates created by the mate reference to one, but there is a way to get two mates applied by using the peg in hole technique. This video shows how to leverage multiple mate mode in an assembly to mate components together that share a common reference. That is to say that a mate would be created for not only the primary mate reference, but the secondary and tertiary as well. It says in the help menu for mate references, that you can include multiple mate references if you use the reference name to refer to the mate reference. The trick is that you have to also have a mate reference in the part you are mating to and it has to be the same name. Creating and using mate references solidworks tech blog. Mate reference with multiple mated entities in the solidworks knowledge base. When working within an assembly with multiple components that have the same mates associated to it, it may get quite time consuming creating these mates repeatedly. The component can then be mated to any matching geometry on another part within the assembly. Multiple mate references in one solidworks part computer. A mate reference tells solidworks which geometry in a component will be used to hold.

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